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The Ito Ogbo ceremony this year will feature a few changes in order to protect the most vulnerable for covid-19, which incidentally are the ones Obosi will be celebrating.

Traditional ruler of the town, Igwe Chidubem Iweka III, said this in a press statement made available to HOMELAND NEWS, and also thanked God for the capacity to celebrate through the tumultuous period for the world at large. 

His Majesty, Igwe Iweka said all the scheduled activities within the week of celebration will hold as planned, with strict COVID19 protocols in place.

“We will distance the chairs at the venues, and provide hand washing stations, temperature checks, and hand sanitisers at all entry and exit points. We also enjoin Ndi Obosi to wear masks to all the activities – no mask, no entry.”

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The major change from the usual practice, is that there will be restriction on the number of people that will be allowed into the Adike Square, where the capping of the Octogenarians will take place on Saturday, March 6.

The celebrants will not come to the venue with the usual pomp and pageantry. Each one of them can only be accompanied by two persons into the arena. Then return home thereafter to unleash the full celebration.

There is also a detailed plan to ensure that cultural performances are properly guided without robbing Ito Ogbo Obosi of its rich colour and heritage. 

The statement assures that there is a water tight security arrangement all over the time through out the period of this tri-annual event.

“We have already carried out the clearance of identified hideout of criminal elements within Obosi.  My people on their part are more than ever determined to ensure that our town remains safe.  We are also enjoying the best of collaboration with all the security agencies, so there is no need to nurse any concerns as Obosi is safe and secured.”

Arrangements are in place to live-stream the event at the Adike Square, to enable citizens who may not be allowed into the venue or could not return home for the event as they would have loved to, do not miss much.

For His Majesty, there cannot be an end to celebration of life in Obosi kingdom as long as human existence remain. But it will be foolhardy to toy with what has posed a huge threat to life all over the world.

Igwe Iweka III urged the people to show understanding by abiding by all the regulations and the minor changes that are coming with this year’s Ito Ogbo Obosi, he added that 2024 is just three years away and by the grace of God, life will be back to normal.  



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