chijioke art 6

Chijioke Anyacho is tired of waiting for what he desires but cannot take hold of. Then he searched inward for what he has but not using yet. 

That is how he began to draw with the ball pen. Yes, the regular pen most people use to write. The young painter sketched how the journey began for him in a post on his facebook wall on Saturday the 12 of March, 2016.

“While I was waiting for money to order for pencil photorealistic drawing materials from Amazon, one day I was singing and reflecting on the song “Scare away the dark” by Passenger, then I heard a voice saying “why don’t you start with what you have”…… I have heard Joel Osteen say a thousand…everything you need is right there with you, if you had needed more God would have given you…..
Now I understand…..

“Imagine if I had ordered from Amazon and was making pencil works, you probably might not have heard of me by now…”

Young Chijioke is challenging the popular conclusion among the youths that ‘government should do this or that for us’ and is tasking himself to walk the way not many have dared. A little support is what such talents need to explore the wide world of the arts they have chosen. 

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