For those of us who are not particularly thrilled by rap music, blanket judgment is common. But if anyone is interested in creativity, if anyone appreciates guts to do things differently, then this Enugu brought-up will not be ignored.
His lanky and well “designed” body could have been deceptive but for the personality concealed within.
For many years, Dat Nigga Raw, another Coal City boy kept the Igbo Language alive in Hip-Hop through his act, but within about three years of Phyno’s presence in Nigeria’s music industry, he had not just kept Igbo language in modern music but had brought colour, style and street relevance to the game.
With tracks like Obago, Alobam and many more, the regular street language of the Igbos, particularly Coal City boys is enjoying regular usage even by those who hardly know the real meaning.
A young Yoruba lady rapping along with Phyno got slipped on “onwe bedi ife ifuu” (you have not seen nothing yet). She kept “messing-up” the line with what it sounded like in her ears.  Her joy exploded when she spoke to an Igbo lady who told her the real words and meaning.
Ladies and gentlemen, can we now crown Phyno the Ambassador of Igbo Laguage in Rap music?   


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