Press statement by Sen. Ayogu Eze

I’ve been inundated by calls and personal visits by my supporters who have expressed worry and outrage at newspaper reports purporting that a consensus candidate has been anointed for Enugu State 2015 governorship election.

My supporters are particularly worried by the aspect of the story claiming that I have stepped down for the said anointed candidate.

I wish to state clearly and unambiguously that I’ve not and will not step down for any anointed candidate.

I’m still squarely in the race for the Enugu Lion Building in the year of our Lord 2015.

I was invited to a meeting of a gathering of the people of my senatorial district presided over by the governor at the Governor’s Lodge in Enugu on Friday September 26, 2015.

Prior to our arrival at the Government House that Friday afternoon the agenda of the meeting was not ci rculated. Neither was the criterion for selecting those attending the meeting made known to me.

At the meeting I pointedly stated that though I was already in their midst in a sort of an ambush I was not bound by their decision, to which I believe they were entitled.

It is their inalienable right to choose a consensus candidate in the same manner that to my supporters and well wishers I’m also consensus candidate.

I look forward to all the consensus candidates of the various interest groups meeting in the field at the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, governorship primaries on November 29, 2014 to test which of the various consensus blocs is numerically stronger.

Democracy is about elections and the will of the people. Those elements of democracy will be put to test when we arrive the field for the primaries.

I’ll gladly accept the outcome of the primaries and go the extra mile to work for the party with resources and whatever it will take to give the opponents of the PDP a run for their money.

Let me state categorically that my respect for the governor and leader of PDP in Enugu State is not diminished in anyway by this development. My loyalty to the party is also unalloyed.

I urge the party to do the right thing by providing a level playing field for all legitimate aspirants and consensus candidates to express themselves in a truly democratic and fair manner.

I wish to express my gratitude to God for His lovingkindness and mercies upon my life. I also thank my numerous supporters and the people of Enugu State for standing with me in my career in politics and service to humanity thus far. I wish to assure them that I’ll not disappoint them.

I’m convinced that power comes from God Almighty who in seasons crown kings after His heart. He’s a God of justice.

My faith in His ability to dispense justice fairly and to uphold men’s destinies in the face of untoward machinations by mort als remains unshaken.

To Him be all the glory.


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