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Fans of English football in Nigeria are divided on the transfer of Petr Cech from Chelsea FC to Arsenal FC. There are those, particularly fans of Chelsea who salute Cech’s service to the club and regret that the goaltender will not be wearing the colours of the club for another season. They recall that the numerous trophies won by Chelsea in ten years wouldn’t have been possible but for the agility, great reflexes, wonderful positioning and braveness of the six foot plus goalkeeper. 

So far, this is the only headline-making movement in the EPL in the current transfer window

Some supporters of the Arsenal Football club are already celebrating what they liken to the revenge of Ashley Cole move in opposite direction some years back. 

Sports Journalist, Niran Adesanya who is a longtime fan Arsenal said the club needed a man with what he called Championship spirit to lead the team from the back line. He is optimistic that Cech in an Arsenal colour will be a success.

“Can’t you see what he did in Chelsea? As a matter of fact, he has better statistics that the boy that Chelsea brought in to replace him despite the fact that he had very few appearances during the last season. Just wait and see what Petr Cech will do in Arsenal” Mr. Adesanya boasted. 

There are those who are not bothered about the departure of Cech from Chelsea provided the young Belgium International, Thibaut Courtois, remains number one.  This group is upset about what they termed Cech’s ungratefulness to a club that made him who he is.

Kelechi Deca, a veteran journalist and ardent supporter of Chelsea, took to his face book page to vent his displeasure with the man he was adored.

“When a player is so bitter against a club that made him what he is today, it tells a lot about the inner personality of that player. I have seen similar thing even in work places. People leave a firm where they cut their teeth and learnt everything they know, but as soon they are out of the door, they start badmouthing the company.”

“While I wish you success at Arsenal, I would like to inform you that your clean sheet record which your new employers are brandishing now as they bow and worship you could not have been possible if you didnt have one of the best and consistent back four in front if you for a decade.” Mr. Deca has said.

This argument will remain for some weeks until the new season commences in August. Will Chelsea fans boo Petr Cech when he appears as an Arsenal player? Will Cech be able to impose his wealth of experience on the Arsenal team that is beginning to rediscover their trophy winning abilities? Let’s wait and see.  



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