The lagos State chapter of PDP has demanded that INEC must make public the identity of its staff admitted to have compromised the credible distribution of PVC in the state, especially to the non-indigenes. The party also demanded the numbers of polling units affected by the compromise. According to the Party, it is not just sufficient for INEC to admit that two of her staff denied non indigenes their PVCs in lagos state. The electoral body must show the gut to prosecute the said staff, which includes interrogating them to disclose their sponsors. The Party thus gives the electoral body 48 hours within which to make public the identity of the two staff; the polling Units affected and the evidence of their prosecution.
It would be recalled that INEC had at a Press briefing on tuesday, pledged not to deprive any group their PVCs. It however admitted that two of its staff have been detected and sacked for denying non indigenes their PVCs.
“We demand that INEC must disclose the two staff now admitted as having compromised the distribution of PVC to non indigenes. It is our strong position that the INEC staff are more than the two yet unveiled. They are spread all over the states especially in areas populated by non-indigenes and the other interests whom the APC believe will vote against their Party. Ofcourse these interest groups have one score or the other to settle with the ruling APC and the only way is to vote APC out. This is known to APC in lagos and thus they are using their cronies in the INEC to undermine the non indigenes.
We will continue to hold INEC accountable because INEC deliberately did not screen some of its adhoc staff who are known card carrying members of APC in the state. These are the people now distributing PVCs! In some areas they even give the distribution to APC officers at the local Government. We have the case of the Youth leader of APC in Oshodi-Isolo caught with over 200 PVCs which he admitted was given to him for distribution by the INEC staff. The matter is still pending. No action taken by INEC”



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