ekiti state

The conflict between the Executive and legislative arm of government in Ekiti State does not seem to be ending soon.
Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Hon Omirin has accused the state governor, Ayo Fayose of being afraid of his shadows.
The speaker stated this in response to a press conference addressed by Governor Fayose where he accused APC of trying to make the state ungovernable for him. According to Omirin in a statement, “We can now see the cowardly act of a man who has made impunity a religion in governance now afraid of ‎alleged impunity by APC after May 29. He wants to do unto others what he would not want to be done unto him.
“A man who wants peace is calling the opposition “irritants”. What a way of seeking reconciliation! Whatever issue Fayose is having with the opposition will be resolved by the Nigerian law. All this grand standing and rhetoric will not save Fayose from facing the law. “Fayose’s press conference is nothing but a reversal of hope for the resolution of Ekiti crisis.
“Some people have expressed worry over the quality of his advisers. But the truth is that Fayose has no adviser. In fact, he hates advisers and so he does not take advice. If you dare advise Fayose, you are in trouble. He takes no one’s advice and those who know him well dare not advise him.
Earlier this week, traditional rulers in the state called on the APC legislators to drop all issues concerning the purported impeachment of the governor.
Governor Fayose has claimed that his ordeal was because of his bold support for President Goodluck Jonathan. Prior to the Presidential election, Mr. Fayose spearheaded a frontal attack on the APC and its presidential candidate. Not many will forget the series of lashes including the “death with publication” in some national dailies.  



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