Lagos lawyer, Festus Keyamo, Sunday slammed President Goodluck Jonathan, saying the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate in the February elections lacked the capacity to secure Nigeria and fight corruption.
In a statement widely circulated on Sunday, the human rights lawyer challenged the elites not to sit on the fence, imploring them to explain to the masses the many failings of President Jonathan.
According to Keyamo, “My real worry is that many Nigerians who are the elites can see through some of these outright falsehoods but have decided to sit on fence and keep an embarrassing silence.
“They forget that millions of ordinary Nigerians who are confused and hoodwinked by these falsehoods and who do not have access to facts depend on their voices and guidance to make their choices‎.”
The lawyer said it would be wrong for Nigerians to re-elect Jonathan as president, accusing him of failing in the areas of security, economy and infrastructure development, critical sectors that are fundamental to the continued survival and growth of any society.
Maintaining that the resort to ethnic and religious sentiments by the president and his Campaigner Team would not help his cause, Keyamo faulted Jonathan’s claim to be fighting corruption, insecurity and to have improved the economy.
Arguing that the president’s claims could not be supported by any facts as he (Jonathan) was only paying lip service to corruption while insecurity heightened and economy going from bad to worse, Keyamo, who is prosecuting the case of money laundering against former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, wondered why Jonathan was comfortable among people, whose integrity was under question.
Rallying support for the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Gen Mohammadu Buharai, Keyamo said Buhari was a ready and better alternative to Jonathan.
According to Keyamo, “We have a president who has no single appetite to fight corruption – yes, none. Imagine a campaign that is dominated by the theme of corruption, yet the President has decided to appoint a person facing trial for money-laundering as his Director of Media and Publicity.
“If nobody would say it, I will say it because I am the one prosecuting the fellow in court and the case has been adjourned to February 23 and 24 for trial.
“Part of the lies told is that the fellow has been freed whereas some of the counts in the Charge were just struck out and the court held that he has a case to answer on some other counts.
“Yet nobody is asking the president these hard questions.”



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