fighting in baga

From Oghenede Alimi

The fighting in Baga has claimed at least 2,000 lives, many of them women and children, firebombed with rocket propelled grenades by BH.This represents the worst attack in the history of BH. But the country moves on in a steady beat.

The numbers of dead equals the entire number of dead in BH sponsored violence last year, and the Government barely manages a glance just the usual press statement. A template signed by a different Government spokesman now and again acknowledges the attack-meaningless literature.2,000 brave Nigerians who believed the lies of Government that it was safe to return home, safe to live your life again.

Not even a flag will be flown at half mast, chai what a country.I appeal to the nearly 2 million refugees in Niger Chad and Cameroon, please stay put.It is not worth it!!kai 2,000!! Kai 2,000,000. Hmmmm hmmmmm but I’ve seen this before and its beginning to look like Hotel Rwanda


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