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Flavour, nwa Umunze, the man with the flavour for Nigerian music


From Ejike Chinedu

Apart from nodding to and perhaps humming along the irresistible tunes from the six foot plus Ada-Ada crooner, not a few now link Flavour with endless list of women. But one thing no one can take away from him is his taste for the finest of them all. 

Why won’t he? With a frame molded by the gods from the place of the rising sun, he pulls the string of attraction with his new found love in going bare bodied, exposing the packs. I am not sure of the number here. I have always heard six but I think Flavour has eight.

I just noticed that Mr. Flavour’s dreads are getting fewer by the day. I wont be suprised if we wake up one morning and its all gone.

Since breaking into limelight about seven years ago, the 31 year old had dominated the highlife stage with his regular singles. Some of his fans are unrepentant not minding what may seem his specialization in being vulgar. I pity those who do not understand Igbo language and derive so much joy in singing Flavour’s song particularly in public.

In 2012, I walked into a banking hall in the Ikoyi area of Lagos, and a young lady was singing along and shaking moving are petit frame to Flavour’s “Ala dalu ada, adago.”

That time of the day that customers are no longer coming in and the staff drop their guard to become more human than plastic. She was engrossed in the rhythm that she did not care who was listening or watching. I was a bit embarrassed but did not say anything. When her supervisor who is Igbo caught what was going on, she smiled helplessly because she realized that I have had my full. 

The young lady pleaded that I explain the meaning of the lyrics but trust me; I won’t be the one to tell that “Father wears trousers”

Be that as it may, the Umunze born and Enugu brought up has consistently taken the stake higher. Between 2010 and 2013, Flavour had featured in more collaboration with other musicians than any other in Nigeria. Within the same period, he has won more than a dozen awards including MTV and Channel O events and numerous nominations. 

HOMELAND NEWS is celebrating the young man born as Chinedu Okoli for his depth in bringing Igbo language, through his music, to the fore and placing it on the lips of those who may not have attempted a word in Igbo.

We celebrate this nwa afo Igbo who has gone across the globe with his multi-talent and kept “us” in the leading role as far as Nigerian music is concerned.  




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