john mahama

Ghanaian President John Draman Mahama arrived Abuja on Monday to confer with President Goodluck Jonathan over the nation’s forth coming general elections. 

President Mahama who is also Chairman of the Economic Community of West African States was received at the Presidential wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport by President Jonathan at about 12 noon.

Despite the deluge of insinuations coming through the rumour mill since the elections were postponed from the 28th of February, that the elections on March 28th and April 11th would be postponed again, it seems increasingly clear that President Jonathan will conduct those elections

The Ghanaian President will hold closed door meetings with the major contenders and the umpires  in order to cement efforts of a long term observer mission that has been in the country 

The ECOWAS Chairman is also scheduled to meet with the Independent National Electoral Commission’s Chairman, Attahiru Jega where he will stress the importance of the elections being conducted in a credible manner

President Mahama scheduled to also meet with the major opposition, All Progressive Congress Presidential Candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari where he will stress the importance of all parties accepting the result of the elections

All in all, election week is upon Nigeria and if what the ECOWAS Chairman says is anything to go by, what happens on the 28th will have far reaching impact on the West AFRICAN subregion 

One can only hope the impact will be positive


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