rachas okorocha

From Ejike Chinedu

It may come to many as a shock but others will see it as expected. Without any last minute change, Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha is plotting his way back to the PDP.

Chief Okorocha who won the 2011 governorship election as the candidate of APGA joined in the formation of the APC and since then, seized to identify with APGA. 
Recent exodus of members from APGA within Imo state and beyond became a real worry that derailed an initial thought of the Governor launching a come-back to APGA. 

The outcome of the Anambra state governorship election held in November last year was another wake-up call. APC’s candidate in that election, Dr. Chris Ngige who enjoyed very high popularity on the street across the state, came a distant third behind APGA and PDP. 

If Gov. Okorocha succeeds in returning to the PDP, he would have jettisoned his talked intention to contest in next year’s Presidential election as the candidate of the APC. Though the party has not officially zoned the Presidency to any specific part of the country, body language from different quarters suggest that the North will be producing the Presidential candidate in 2015.

Those working on the strategy for Okorocha’s return intend to cash-in on President Jonathan’s perceived desperation to win 100% of votes in the South East in order to counter whatever gains APC may record in the north. At the moment, PDP and their political friend APGA are in control of all the states in the zone except for Imo state.

If this plan works, all political calculations in Imo state will crumble. It is expected that Gov. Okorocha will initiate moves to “capture” the ticket of PDP and then cut short the dreams of many, including established political heavyweights, who are at the moment travelling the length and breadth of the state in search of support.

But if it fails, the only option left for the man who many will love to hate is to dig-in and attempt to retain his seat still as a member of a strange political party in the region. 


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