Gov Okorocha for president

It is no longer an issue for speculation that the Executive Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha is eyeing the presidency. After months of calculations and interpretation of body language by political watchers, the governor in reaction to a news report (not by homeland) made a press statement.

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…The truth of the matter is that Governor Okorocha is not in the VP race in APC.  
There has been unprecedented pressure on the governor by Nigerians from all walks of life to vie for the Presidency and he has been consulting on that.  

His consultations have not been on the VP slot but on the presidency and at the end of the consultations, he would decide whether to throw his hat into the ring for the presidential race or not.

The pressure is also on the Imo governor by well meaning citizens of Imo State, including the artisans, farmers, traders, students, etal in the state to ensure the completion of the transformation he has begun in the state by seeking re-election in 2015…

Homeland news gathered that Gov. Okorocha may delay making a clear declaration on his move for the 2015 election for a mixture of some factors.

APC had been seen largely as a political party that is not wanted by the people of the South East. The quality of the candidate may not be of so much value when compared to the wide resentment from the voting masses.  A quick example of this assumption is the outcome of the Anambra Governorship election in 2013. Dr. Chris Ngige has been considered the most popular politician in the state in recent times yet he fell behind a largely unknown Willie Obiano who flew the flag of APGA and “emergency candidate” Tony Nwoye who was represented the PDP in that election.

Whether Gov. Okorocha will be preferred by the APC be its Presidential candidate or not seems quite easy to decipher. The party had not hidden its slant towards having a northern presidential candidate but analysts have said that in the game of politics anything can happen.

Governor Okorocha will in coming days and weeks be weighing all his options. Will it not amount to suicide to let go of a governorship seat that is more likely to secure in search of a very seeming illusive presidential ticket? 

At the end of the day, the real option before the much criticized governor may be go on and “fight” for your second term or accept to be the Vice to a Northern Presidential candidate. This, Governor Okorocha knows quite well.   



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