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Group urges Gen Buhari to withdraw from the presidential race

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Text of a press release by the Ndigbo Cultural Society of Nigeria

Ndigbo Cultural Society of Nigeria (NCSN) would like to counsel Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (retd) to tow the path of statesman, extricate himself from the deceits of All Progressives Congress (APC) leaders and withdraw with immediate effect from the presidential contest of February 14 2015, if he has any atom of nationalism,  gratitude to the country, love for the nation and progress of our dear country, Nigeria.

With the permutations of some international communities, the strikes of terror against Nigeria and the internal wounds in the nation, it behooves on any Nigerian with the interest of the nation at heart, to do all that is within their powers to save Nigeria from the ill wishes of 2015.

We advice Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (retd) to learn wisdom from the East that have allowed and supports their brothers from the South-South to complete their tenure of eight years, as we all have allowed the South-West to have their uninterrupted eight years.

Economically, Nigerian government depends largely on oil exports and import duties, both are derived from South Eastern soil and the people of South Eastern Nigeria, which accounts for even more developments around the nation than the South Eastern Nigeria.

Therefore any candidacy that may spill ill feelings to that section of the country, may not be favourable for the nation and should rather be jettison for the good of the nation.

Nigeria owes the South-South people another four years to complete their full tenure, as this is their first time presiding over the nation, which they have fed for decades and four years in a nations life is nothing.

The idea of getting power from the centre to access other peoples resource should be eschewed as regionalism and full resource control will bring lasting solution to many of the nations problems and NCSN still calls for a sovereign national conference.




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