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From Chinedu Ejijke

On Saturday, November 2, 24 year old Chinedu Ubachukwu will be presented with the ultimate prize as winner of the 11th edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search in an event that will take place at the Women Development Centre, Awka. 

Chinedu emerged winner out of 14 contestants that ran through a 26 day reality show in the Aguleri Forest, Anambra state.  He went ahead of the other two finalists, Afolabi Emmanuel and Cosy Joe in discovering the “Generals Helmet”. 
The Anambra born graduate of Petroleum and Gas Engineering was never shy in voicing his determination to go home with the N10m and a brand new SUV grand prize. In an earlier interview he had said;

“My expectation is very high. I’m from Anambra and my village is actually a few distance away from Aguleri. So, I just have to win this one or else I don’t know if I will be able to go home for Christmas, if I don’t win it,”

While the show lasted, Chinedu was never the toast of other contestants but what worked for him was his focus on “The Mission” which took him away from his comfort zone. When some of the female contestants were evicted, they dropped sweet words for some other male colleagues but none came Chinedu’s way.

“I did not receive any word from them, I do not know why but I am not worried. They are still my friends” Chinedu stated after the eviction of Samanta.

He was considered proud and arrogant by some of those who sought for the helmet with him. Whether it was a strategic approach toward intimidating the contestants to submission or not, will not be clear at the moment but what is certain is that the young man is aware of his strength and weaknesses. On the last day of the search, he admitted that he does not have as much physical strength as the other two finalists;

“If the final task is purely physical, I will be disadvantaged because I am not 100% fit. But if it has to do with mental ability, then I stand a chance.”

In all, the grueling 26 day sojourn in the forest with the attending discomfort and unease has paid off for Chinedu Ubachukwu who is now the “Ultimate Man, 2014.”


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