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From Uzonna Ononye, Lagos

I think we have in the past 3 weeks been fed by the leading political parties with enough hate messages that will last most of us a life time. E don do. Let us take the conversation back to issues that will affect the lives of Nigerians.

Who has the answer to the free falling price of oil? Much have been said about diversifying the economy but reality is that we still largely depend of sale of crude to run the economy.

As at today, exchange rate to the dollar is at an all time high. The implication is that because we import almost everything, prices of goods and perhaps services will begin to rise beyond the reach of the ordinary man.

Who has the solution to the widening gap of unemployment? The current government has made commendable moves but still a far cry from requirement.

By 1999, power generation was hovering around 3,000mgw. 16 years after, we have not departed from that; still around 3,000mgw. The current government successfully completed the privatisation of the sector but the truth is that the companies are not ready to play by the rules. As low as power supply is, billing is still without control and the much expected pre-paid meter is still unseen.

Agriculture has improved. Though I lack scientific evidence to support my position, for the fact that there was no food scarcity in Nigeria even after the devastating flooding two years ago and the set back in farming in the North East due to BH, I make bold to say that the agricultural sector has performed above average. But if we can save the economy from total collapse, Agriculture must move from self sustenance to industrial. Who has the formula to achieve this?

Infrastructure, particularly road has improved. At least from Lagos to Onitsha through Ore and Benin is no longer as bad as it used to be and work is still ongoing. I cant say much about other parts of the country. Enugu Onitsha expressway is having epileptic attention so there is need for sustained effort.

Today, Chad is flexing muscles within Nigerian territory in the name of dislodging Boko Haram. Many Nigerian citizens are refugees in Niger, Chad and Cameroun. Some communities in Nigeria are “occupied territories”. We cannot pretend for too long before we are caught up with the reality; our country is under siege. How can our lives be secured again and who has the formula for it?

Whether the issue of corruption is exaggerated or not, it is a canker worm that has already devoured the very depth of our existence. How can we get ourselves out of the mess which has shown the capacity of robbing us of any meaningful growth?

Time is ticking, enough of these hate messages and falsehood. Long live Nigeria.


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