junaid mohammed

From Paul Ibe, Enugu

Second republic lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed has come under attack for the uncomplimentary comments he made against the Igbo race.

A socio cultural organisation, Igbo Youth Movement, said Mr. Mohammed had distinguished himself as an Igbo hater whose words constantly come ill advised and rude.

In a statement signed by the President of the group, Elliot Uko, the group said Mr. Mohammed has recently advanced to insane level with his general insults to an entire race. 

“He shockingly asserted that Ndigbo would accept money even from the Devil, that Ndigbo are people without honour who don’t believe in anything”.
“Mohammed, had also in an earlier interview averred that Ndigbo marry very late because they are so poor, they can’t afford to marry earlier in life.

IYM, noted that the one time lawmaker, had “consistently denigrated the great Igbo nation of over 40 million people thereby confirming his phobia for hard work, excellence, industry, education and success which Ndigbo epitomizes both to fellow Nigerians and foreigners alike.

According to the group, “Mr. Junaid Mohammed needs to be reminded that rabble rousers like him, have no place anymore in the emerging Nigeria”.
“His frustrations are a confirmation that the warmongers in the north, those with the born to rule mentally have become a tiny minority.
“Most northerners as well as other Nigerians work towards a new Nigeria where the President could be Idoma, Ijaw, Tiv, Igbira, Itshekiri, Yoruba, Efik, Bachama, Mumuye, Angas or Igala.

“Most Nigerians crave for a new Nigeria, where all are equal, where no man is oppressed, where no section believes they are born to rule. 

“He belongs to the tiny but dying clique in the north who believes they are blue blood royals, while other Nigerians are serfs.

“Their problem began 21 years ago when they annulled a credible election won by a southerner, there problem grew worse when they stormed Jos PDP conventions 16 years ago in order to stop a former Vice President, the only man who would have handed over power to the North after only four years. Their choice, whom they enthroned from Yola prison was later to castrate them. Their problems got compounded when they screamed that Peter Odili is “Nyamiri”, they opposed him as running mate to late Yar’adua.

“Their tons of problems are self inflicted. Ndigbo are not responsible for their frustrations. The group declared.

Mr. Uko, who is also Assistant secretary, Igbo leaders of Thought said: “Mr. Mohammed should know that the emerging new Nigeria is unstoppable. People like him only represents the relics of a horrible Nigeria the younger generation do not like to remember. 


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