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If Mr. Abba Moro failed to sing the praise of the President, he would have qualified as the most ungrateful person on earth.  Afterall, he shouldn’t have just been sacked as a minister for the scam in the Immigrations job interview that claimed lives of innocent Nigerians. Mr. Moro should have been prosecuted. But today, he is still serving as Minister in the country.

Below is the text of his solidarity press release sent in from Michael Jegede.

The Minister of Interior, Comrade Abba Moro, has said that the emergence of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as the President of Nigeria was a great blessing to the country.
Moro, who made the remark in an interview in Abuja, said Jonathan effectively used the transformation agenda as a vehicle to launch Nigeria on the path of progress and development.
“Let me tell you that the greatest gift that God has given to the country today is Mr. President, Dr. Jonathan Ebele Jonathan, GCFR. Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan inherited from past administrations moribund social infrastructures. Our roads were impassable. Our hospitals as they say were mere consulting units. At a point some of them were not even qualified to be consulting institutions. Our schools lacked direction. And at a point the standard of education was nose-diving at a very alarming rate. Our airports were eyesores. Our drive towards providing sustainable clean drinkable water for the people was non-existent. Our agriculture was nose-diving to a level that food insecurity threatened the nation. I can go on and on and on,” he said.
He however noted that the situation has changed for the better with the impact of the transformation agenda fully felt in all the sectors of the economy, ranging from power, water, agriculture, roads to education.  
In enumerating the efforts of the Jonathan administration towards making life better for the citizens of the country, he said: “I therefore can conclude that through the instrumentality of the transformation agenda of Mr. President, a solid foundation for the reconstruction of Nigeria has been laid and therefore what is just simply required is the goodwill of the Nigerian people, the support of the Nigerian people, the cooperation of the Nigerian people to capitalize on this launch path to development that the transformation agenda has provided for Nigeria.”
He expressed total confidence that Jonathan will win the forthcoming presidential election, noting that the candidate of the main opposition party, All Progressives Congress (APC), General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd) lacks the capacity to stage any major upset on the way of Jonathan’s victory.
According to him, “This election is about issues and facts. This election is about record. And luckily Muhammadu Buhari had been one-time President of this country. And Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the President of this country. And so these two candidates of the two main political parties have records on the basis of which to judge. Today, I have enumerated the various achievements of this present administration, even in the face of daunting insecurity in the country, even in the face of daunting challenges of distraction from the opposition, this government had remained focused and building on the very foundation that it has laid to take Nigeria to the next level of development as against a former Head of State (Buhari) whose records are records of a very tyrannical administration that was anchored on throwing people into jails on spurious charges  for two hundred to three hundred years even beyond the reasonable level of life expectancy of some of these people. It was an administration whose head (Buhari) authorized the killing of people on the basis of spurious charges including women.”



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