buhari 4

The top priority issues for the incoming administration of Major-General Muhammadu Buhari, are power, corruption and insurgency.

The administration needs to tackle the issue of adequate power supply in Nigeria. From the events following the strike last week it is clear that absence of electricity will just simply wreck the nation. Everyone in Nigeria needs power, to run small scale businesses, to run the educational institutions, churches, banks, the courts, the newsrooms and virtually all sectors of our national life. So if this government gets it right with power supply, there will be a great boost in the economy.

Following power immediately is the issue of insurgency and general insecurity. The rise of the Boko Haram insurgency has rendered the country almost comatose. This must be addressed urgently, so as not to allow it spread to other parts of the country. The same goes for militancy in the Niger Delta, where there is so much being lost to oil theft and siphoning of crude. This will then be extended to the Eastern region, to curb the incidence of commercial kidnapping. This will then be followed with a crack down on cult gangs in the mid west area and armed robbery in the south west. Without an atmosphere of peace and security, there can’t be meaningful development at all.

The other urgent issue for the administration to tackle urgently is corruption. When the opportunities for looting and stealing are blocked, then there will be enough resources to tackle infrastructure deficits.

Once these three issues are properly tackled, it is good to expect that all other issues will fall in line.

There is no doubt that all over Nigeria, the expectation is high concerning the campaign promises of the President and his party, especially his covenant of the first 100 days and the manifestation of the All Progressives Congress.

We expect a transparent government that is wholly committed to the welfare and development of the people of Nigeria, a more robust democratic experiment and smooth judicial system of administration.



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