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At last General Buhari speaks at Chatham House

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Presidential candidate of the All  Progressives Congress, Muhammadu Buhari has said that if he becomes President by May 29, there will be no confusion on where he stands on the issue of corruption.
Retired General Buhari made the pledge while speaking at the Chatham House in London.
For several days, there were controversies on the true mission of Gen. Buhari in visiting London. While his political opponents in the PDP alleged that the retired General was terminally ill and was whisked away to a London Hospital for treatment, his party, the APC insisted that their candidate was on a working trip.
One of the activities announced by APC that will engage the retired General on his visit was a speaking engagement at the Chatham House.
On Thursday, a calm and coordinated Muhammadu Buhari told the audience that if he becomes president, he will not treat corruption with kid-glove. He declared that not corrupt person will be in his government.
General Buhari is not ignorant of the high expectations from him but did not make flowery promises. He said “It is going to be a tough walk with sacrifices”.
On the allegations of running a dictatorial government during his military days, the retired General said he was not a dictator but a “former military ruler and a convert to democracy”. He however took responsibility for the actions of his government.
On the NNPC, he says the accounts will be publicly disclosed and regularly audited. Adding with some humour  “only one set of accounts”.  The comment drew a resounding applause from the audience.
The Presidential candidate said that it was unfortunate that Nigeria was depending on its neighbours, for salvation, adding that if he is elected, the World will have no more need to worry about Nigeria’s problems.

Full transcript of the speech coming soon…




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