If the national assembly does not significantly reduce its allowances, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta has threatened to resume hostilities in the region.

In a statement by MEND’s spokesman, Jomo Gbomo, the group said Nigerians can no longer pay the price for the lawmakers’ ostentatious lifestyle.  

“These wicked individuals appropriate to themselves huge and absurd salaries and allowances at the expense of the millions of hapless Nigerians, who have not been paid for months, their salaries, pensions and other benefits they deserve.

The statement accused the previous administration and some of the leaders of the region for keeping the people in lack, neglect and environmental degradation despite its huge resources.

“The Niger Delta region, where the bulk of revenue that sustains the nation comes from, continues to suffer neglect, environmental degradation and lack, made worse by the very corrupt and visionless past government of Goodluck Jonathan and his cronies, some of who still shamelessly parade themselves on national television and other media platforms as ‘Niger Delta Activists’.

According to the statement, “Nigerians refuse to tolerate this ostentatious lifestyle of our lawmakers, whose main objective, it seems, is to enrich themselves and carelessly spend scarce resources” end of quote. 


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