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From Uzonna Ononye, Lagos

The major difference between Adamu Mu’azu and Ed Miliband is that they are both from different climes. One is from a society that demands one taking responsibility fully for ones actions or inactions, whereas the other comes from an environment where blame-game and excuses nourish political, social and even economic process.  

That is where a wrong decision and conduct by any public office holder is paid for instantly with disgraceful resignation. But this is where the opposition is accused and held responsible for anything that goes wrong in government.

In Nigeria, the leader of a political party like the PDP or APC is chosen by the highest elected office holder. At the federal level, the President and the Governors at the state level. But in the United Kingdom, the leader of the party will naturally become the leader of the government if it wins the election.

In Nigeria, politics is the most lucrative business as against the UK where it is all about public service. Parliamentarians are on part time. In Nigeria, it is full time and handsomely rewarded so the attraction to stay on is unimaginably higher.

In the UK, it is the party and the party alone.  The party drives campaigns and determines who does what.  In Nigeria, it is an individual and his cronies using the party to achieve their “selfish” interests. The political party is more or less a vehicle that convey individuals from one point to another. One can decided to change vehicle or even choose to “trek”.    

The resignation of three major political leaders in UK, within an hour, could be said to be traditional or in sync with political development in Britain.

Prior to the polls in the UK, those interested in British politics, particularly those residing outside Britain had expected the return of the Labour Party.  Their failure meant a lot to the leader, Ed Miliband, so he had to throw in the towel.

Nic Cleg of the Liberal Democrats enjoyed the coalition with the Conservatives in the last dispensation. Leading his party to a woeful outing was a bitter pill to swallow hence he had to take a bow.

Nigel Farage lost his parliament seat even as the leader the UK Independent Party. The party may be struggling to remain relevant as it is cut out on a mission that it cannot realise in the face of current realities.

If Adamu Mu’azu decides to quit, that will be honourable, but if he does not, he would have failed to do anything  significant.

One question that may be vital in the context of the discussion is, Who is the leader of the PDP?



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