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The N9bn which members of the National Assembly is expected to be paid next week will not be for wardrobe allowance only a fresh indication has shown. 
Tension has been high in the polity over what is generally regarded as insensitivity of the federal legislators to the economic realities in the country. At a time when some state governments are making efforts to cut down on the cost of governance by reducing the number of ministries and some governors taking a pay cut, the federal lawmakers seem to be living on a different planet. 
A senator who spoke to HOMELAND NEWS on condition of anonymity, said “the allowance being talked about is not for wardrobe alone but will include housing, furniture and other perks due to the lawmakers”
He said the lawmakers will spend part of the allowance in running their constituency offices and holding town hall meetings with their people.
Many Nigerians are still battling to understand why those who claim to be serving the people will be living in so much affluence when those they serve are in penury. 
For example: every senator will receive a vehicle allowance of N8,105,600 which will come to a total of N867,299,200 for 107 senators. The President of the senate and deputy will have their vehicles funded fully by the federal government.
In the House of Representatives, members will get N7,940,850 for vehicle allowance as the total comes to N2,842,824,479. The Vehicle allowance is paid once in four years.
Another allowance that is paid once in four years is that for furniture.  Senators will get N6,079,200 each bringing the total to N650,474,400. 
Members of the House of Representatives will receive N5,955,637 each coming to N2,132,118,225.
Annually, every senator will receive N4,052,800 each except for the Principal officers. The total will be N433,649,600.
Then the House of Representative will consume N1,421,412,150 because every member, apart from the principal officers, will be paid N3,970,425 each as housing allowance.
These payments will not reflect in the regular salaries and other sundry allowances to be collected by the legislators. 



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