Pres Jonathan

The words of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe boldly states – “Show the light and the people will find the way”.
Truly asNigerians, it  is our sincere hope that the dark political clouds over Nigeria will soon dissipate through a proper understanding and sacrificial conducts on the part of majority of our political leaders in the next few months if the following reasons below can be shared.

Away from the debates of pros and cons of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan performance, political stakeholders needs to underscore one infallible fact, that as it stands today, only Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has a constitutional limitation of one term of four years. Any other Nigerian seeking the office of president, if elected, will definitely go for eight years regardless of any form of agreement of one term of four years.

Another very important consideration is that Nigerians seemed to have come to term with an unwritten agreement that geopolitical zones of the country are entitled to a complete tenure of two terms, since South-West took their turn. This is the practical reason why no serious political party will consider fielding a candidate from the South-West for now.
Therefore, any attempt to obstruct any zone from maximizing a complete set of two terms, may add that zone to the list of  zones threatening to make Nigeria ungovernable.

On the account of the reasons adduced above, a wise counsel dictates that re-election of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is indeed a necessity for stability of our dear country as four years in the life of a nation is not much.

Chief Udo Udeogaranya
Ndigbo Cultural Society of Nigeria (NCSN)


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