kenneth okonkwo on set

When gyration crooner Tony One Week Muonago campaigned for votes in 2007 into the Anambra State House of Assembly, many of his people in Idemili North Costituency took him to be a huge joke. We heard that some of the community leaders will be nice to him and hold large receptions because of the vibes and glamour that moved around with him. As soon as the now acclaimed grassroots politician turned his back, they laughed and queried if Tony thought that state legislation is singing and dancing.

In 2011, Tony re-strategized and took full advantage of Dr. Chris Ngige’s influence and popularity in the area. By the time the election was held, it was clear that Tony One Week is not just about singing and dancing. The Federal Polytechnic Oko graduate has shown that being an entertainer does not drain one of intellectual substance.

Today, as another election draws near, the entertainment industry more than ever before, is contributing not just support for candidates but those who want to occupy the offices themselves.

HOMELAND NEWS can confirm that Kenneth Okonkwo who became popular as Andy in most watched home video of the 90s, Living in Bondage is seeking a seat at the Federal House of Representatives. Kanayo O. Kanayo is having high level consultations with his people on possible representation. Bob-Manuel Udokwu may be taking his political experience further by seeking election the 2015. Nkiru Sylvanus who was a Special Assistant to the Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha developed deeper interest in politics that it will not be surprising to see her posters soon. Elegant Stallion, Onyeka Onwenu has thrown in everything in support for President Jonathan. She is always visible in all the President’s campaign.

Why this has become a trend has remained a question begging for answers. Is it as a result of lull in business or sheer desire for influence? In the past one year, there has been a clear paradigm shift in the entertainment industry. Movie production dominated by the “Idumota/Upper Iweka clique” is now being taken off their reach by a set of new breed practitioners who are hungry to make a fresh statement.

Musicians are also experiencing the same change of guard. To do anything meaningful in the music industry today, one must have a large war chest. HOMELAND NEWS can authoritatively report that a moderate music video will not take less than a million naira to produce. Live shows are also for the elite few who can compete with the foreign artistes who are regular preference for organizers of big events. These developments seem to have forced those who cannot meet up to seek other means of survival.

Be that as it may, most citizens will not mind seeing the celebrities engage in politics  provided the motivation is service to humanity.    


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