Those that had anticipated a friendly chat between former  President Olusegun Obasanjo and the incumbent Goodluck Jonathan, at least for the cameras may have to wait for longer.

HOMELAND NEWS gathered that the former President sneaked out of his Abeokuta residence to avoid meeting with President Jonathan who was scheduled to visit the former President. Chief Obasanjo was driven out in a black SUV through a private gate in his house.

A reliable source within the former President’s household told HOMELAND NEWS that the former President who attended the wedding of President Jonathan’s daughter  two days ago determined that he will not receive the President when he comes to Abeokuta for his campaign.

“Baba said he will save the President the shame of visiting a motor park tout”
According to the source, a day before the wedding, a guest to the former President narrated to him how the President referred to “some former leaders” as touts. The source said Chief Obasanjo laughed and said it is only time that will tell.

For months now, President Jonathan and former President Obasanjo have been drawn into a cold war which had occupied the front page of the media for some time. Our source said Chief Obasanjo is not happy that President Jonathan did not keep what he told him about serving a single term before he supported him in 2011.

President Jonathan will continue his campaign on Tuesday in Ekiti State.



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