nnamdi kanu and the dangers he is exposing igbos to,

From Ejike Chinedu, Lagos

Without any fear of contradiction, one can say that Nnamdi Kanu’s Radio Biafra has become a thorn-in-the-flesh for the Nigerian government in the past few weeks. Not only has government expressed deep worries over the activities of the “illegal” media house, it has failed to stop its signals reaching the fanatical audience particularly in the South Eastern part of Nigeria.

Even if the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission eventually succeeds in completely jamming the signal and thereby extinguishing for the time being as it may appear, the popularity of the operators that is spreading like wild fire among the people of the South East, Nnamdi Kanu and his cohorts have every reason to be proud.

After the first claim by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Yemi Folasade-Esan,  that turned out to be false, it became clear that the equipment used by the National Broadcasting Commission cannot interfere with what the little and unknown Radio Biafra has at its disposal. This seems similar to what we were told about the Igbos ingenuity during the civil war. 

With every claim of jamming the signals of the ‘illegal’ station by the NBC came revelations rubbishing what the government agency was saying.

Therefore, Nnamdi Kanu should be proud that within such a short time, not more than five years, he has attracted to himself and his ideology such followership from among the Igbo speaking people, those that chose to refer to themselves as non-Nigerians but the Indigenous People of Biafra. 

He should be proud that out of the estimated 170million Nigerians, not less than 50% of the elite now know about him and has spoken about him at least once. 

Nnamdi Kanu should be proud that his picture had trended on the world state along with his Radio Biafra for days. He knows this hence he claimed on his twitter handle that “Radio Biafra is now more popular than the BBC.” 

But if he would spare a moment and think deeply, the young man would realize that he is gradually constituting himself to a nuisance and a threat to his own people that he claims to champion their redemption. His dis-connect with civility and decorum is beginning to rob off negatively on the psyche of the millions of people who now see him as the “director of their destiny.” 

Now, the real issue is that if not checked, Nnamdi Kanu will be responsible for the death of more Igbos than were killed during the civil war of 1967 to 1970. One of his messages which he repeatedly pushed out through his Radio Biafra and other medium of communication directed his followers to “begin massive destruction of everything around you, if they do not hear my voice on the radio for up to four days.”

He had succeeded in creating the deepest hatred in the heart of his followers, not for non-Igbos alone but for even those who became Igbo and championed the Igbo course before he knew his left from his right.  Every Igbo man who does not agree with Nnamdi Kanu’s philosophy is freely insulted and referred to as an EFULEFU, meaning vagabond.

“Dr Ikedife the leader of saboteurs, enemy of Biafra & a member of APC, has dissociated itself from Radio Biafra”

Mallam Rochas Okorocha’s Son Graduates from University of Manchester with First class.”

“Like father like son Ohanaeze harlot Ndigbo at it again, will do anything for money”

These are a few of recent tweets from Radio Biafra where derogatory words are splashed on men who Nnamdi Kanu and his lot should respect even if they disagree with his view.

My advice to Nnamdi Kanu is to reassess his approach to achieving his aim. Whether or not Biafra is realizable in the circumstance prevailing today is an issue for another day but while exploring the possibilities, if that is what he is really pushing for, he should avoid actions that would further endanger the Igbo people. Some of his actions suggest he is out to satisfy his personal ego not minding who is put in danger.

“Biafra must come or every living thing in the zoo will die…” Is one of the frequently made comments on the Radio and twitter by Nnamdi Kanu and then, he is still having and travelling with a “zoo” passport. You see what I mean?

Finally, It is not possible to bring back every Igbo son and daughter into the geographical definition of Igbo land. If that happens, the Igboness in the people will find no expression and therefore will choke itself. This implies that whether Biafra gains independence or not, Igbos will always thrive or seek to thrive among other peoples of Nigeria and by extension, the world. Igbos must continue to accommodate others and be accommodated by them. 

Nnamdi should do himself and his people a whole lot of good if he seeks other civil means of sustaining his agitation for fairness and equity in Nigeria and if it comes to parting ways with the other parts of the country, it should be centered on clear issues void of hatred because hate is like a mad dog that bites its owner first. 



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