Ejike Okpa, a Dallas based businessman and Community Engagement Practitioner, believes that the appointment of Nigeria’s former Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, as the Director General of the World Trade Organisation, has not direct value on the country of her birth. 

Mr. Okpa, a citizen of the US by choice, in a facebook post gave reasons why Dr. Iweala’s new position may just be a glorified desk job without much to offer in enhancing infrastructure development of Nigeria or the continent of Africa.

Read him below:

My views which are unassailable are intended for critical thinking persons who look beyond chants and emotions.

She cannot do the needful because she does not own the institution that controls trade. 

WTO cannot force nations to trade. They only look at trade issues but do not create trade. For instance US trading with Nigeria will achieve maximum output if US decides to give Nigeria FTA – Fee Trade Agreement which is good for 10yrs and renewable. To gain FTA Congress must approve not POTUS singlehandedly award such. WTO has no hand in such.

WTO cannot tell Country A to trade with Country B. So Nigerians should lower the expectation of needful.

When Emeka Anyaoku was Commonwealth Secretary General, Nigeria was kicked. Mr. Anyaoku couldn’t prevent that. Why? Mr. Anyaoku does not control or own Commonwealth. He was merely an administrative headmaster.

NGOZI OKONJO-IWEALA because of her WTO role cannot force or tell any Nation to trade with Nigeria or Africa. Nigeria apart from oil has little to trade with or on.

Let the Beer Parlor chants continue, at the end infrastructure needs of Nigeria will not be addressed because of this glorifying desk job for Madam NGOZI OKONJO-IWEALA.

Keep clapping.


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