The darkest era in the democratic history of Anambra state is the period it was governed by the party at the centre. Therefore, the first mistake Ndi Anambra must avoid as the governorship election draws nearer in making any attempt to align with the APC federal government by voting in an APC governor.

Between 1999 and 2006, Anambra was either abandoned and malnourished in terms of governance or set ablaze by primitive agents prompted and protected by federal might.

Under Dr. Chinwoke Mbadinuju, an unfortunate gentleman who became governor, and served as guinea pig for the experiment on wicked political god-fatherism,  all school children in Anambra state lost one full year to mindless irresponsibility of government to its core duty of attending to the well being of citizens. The implication is that any child in school during that period compulsorily suffered retarded growth because teachers were on strike throughout an academic year and the state government practically urged them on.

Developmental projects were treated with the laziest approach ever except on state owned media. Politically motivated killings became the order of the day.  

Then Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association in Onitsha, Barnabas Igwe and his wife, Abigail were killed by ‘unknown’ gunmen. 14 years after, there is no clear link to the killers and perhaps the reason. Hopefully someday, maybe soon, the Igwes will get justice as the Inspector General of Police in July last year ordered the reopening of the murder case. But while the whole world wait with bated breath, fingers pointed to the state government’s seat of power in Agu-Awka. It is believed that officials of the state government knew more than they told the public.

Dr. Chris Ngige who took over from Mbadinuju in 2003 showed glimpse of hope as he began massive infrastructure development but the huge chain round the governor’s waist and tied to the  President’s bed pole in the Presidential  Villa, Abuja, was a restraining factor. In less than one year in office, it became clear that  Dr. Ngige cannot do much because those who wine and dine on the same table with the President do not want anything good for the state.

During the period, facilities and property of the state were burnt down and again, the state governor was used as specimen for a test of extreme political rascality, that is for want of better expression.  Dr. Ngige was kidnapped by the agents of the federal government, controlled by his own political party. Never has it happened in the history of Nigeria, that a sitting governor was denied his freedom of movement, but it happened in Anambra state when the state government and that at the federal were on the platform of the same political party.

Away from the events of those seven years every well meaning citizen of the state wish never happened, Anambra has been its best in the last ten years it was controlled by a political party not at the centre.


*    Retained best performing state in WAEC and NECO for not less than five consecutive years

*    One of the few states up-to-date with workers’ salaries unlike her sister state, Imo which is controlled by the same party at the centre.

*    Outstanding state in terms of security – General Abdulsalam Abubakar, August 2016

*    Keeps  steady focus on improving infrastructure 

*    The only state where a governor left office without debts but up to N75bn in cash savings and assets

*    Succeeded in harnessing its agricultural potential

*    Two successive governors won multiple awards as best performing governors.

*    Broke the jinx of not conducting local government elections.

Our people has an adage which says that when a woman marries two men, she will be the best judge of who is qualified to be a real husband.  Anambra has seen the two sides. The state has flown the flag of the leading party and has also enjoyed years in opposition. 

The worst mistake Anambra state will make in this coming election is thinking that development can only come when the state migrates to the same party  with the federal government.  An objective analysis of Imo state, ruled by an APC government will show that all that glitter is not gold.


The last general election brought the resolve of the Igbo nation to speak with one voice to the fore.  Despite the massive wind of ‘change’ that swept through the entire country, Ndi Igbo resisted  and rejected the attempt to lump the entire country together under a platform that has no thought about them except as slaves who deserve to die.  At the end, Abia, Ebonyi and Enugu locked their doors against the rampaging APC.  

Since then, the APC federal government has utilised every opportunity to wash its hands of hatred in the blood of the Igbos. 

If Ndi Anambra by any stroke of imagination, allow APC an inroad into the region, by electing the party’s candidate, no matter who he may be, the state would have spat on the grave of hundreds of Igbo youths killed by the guns of the Nigerian Army or slaughtered by herdsmen who the Fulani leadership has denied. And in what seems like a conspiracy of silence, President Muhammadu Buhari and his men are also not interested in finding those who killed men, women and children in their sleep. The state would have successfully betrayed the entire South East and South South regions that stood against the storm.

The theory of mainstream politics should be allowed enough space on the text books but wiped off completely, for the time being, from the minds of those who have genuine concern about our fatherland. We should understand that Igbos have no future in the current make-up and structure of the ruling party. Until such a time when 95/5% is no longer an official policy of the APC government, until when nepotism becomes abhorred, Igbos should seek a political channel of National relevance. Needless to stress that the best 10 out of 25 years of Anambra state existence, was controlled by an opposition political party.

Anambra is blessed with men and women who can, not just govern the state but be President of this country. Anambra has sons and daughters with deep intellectual capacity to lead and the necessary exposure to galvanise the abundant human and natural resources needed to turn the state to THE model for other 35 to copy. 

These people are everywhere. We can find them in APGA, LP, PDP, UPP and other political parties BUT not APC. 

To be continued…

Uzonna Ononye is the Head of News and Political Editor, STV, Lagos – send reactions to



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