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From Uzonna Ononye

Analysts have said that the seed of most of the crisis that took place in history were sown the day justice and equity were sacrificed on the alter of  raw and unadulterated greed. Most of the upheavals that turned the hands of progressive advancement backwards began with a resistance to whatever that was considered unjust. 

No need touring the world for evidence because here in Nigeria, we bear a scar of about 50 years that stands as a constant reminder of the reckless expression of impunity powered by injustice. Niger Delta area has been a theater of war of some sort for more than a decade, because the land that produce the base of the common patrimony has been denied of reaping the benefits and left desolate. 

Now, as the governorship election in Anambra state draws nearer, there is need to deepen the discourse and keep away those paper weight issues that dominate conversations. 

One of the unfortunate realities of our political development is that competence of individuals seeking public office is usually considered after the first question of ‘where does he come from?’ is answered. That does not erode the gospel of zoning of any value. Perhaps, it provides a bit of stability to the polity. 

As it concerns Anambra state, the shift of power to the north prior to the 2013 governorship election, which was championed by the former governor, Peter Obi, enjoyed a near unanimous  approval because it was designed to give the people of that zone a sense of belonging. Anambra Central and Anambra South has produced two elected executives each while the North produce the number for the polls.

Four years after that experiment, common sense demands that Anambra North should be encouraged to complete the second term which is the full life cycle for an executive office as provided by the Nigerian constitution.   

If Anambra north deserves any consideration through the principle of zoning, the right thing to do is for the incumbent, who according to the voice of the people through the ballot, was the best choice from the zone four years ago, to complete the second term.  Anything else will either be unfair and unjust or a time bomb that may explode on the face of everyone in the next four years. 

This view is rooted on the widely acclaimed performance of the governor. If the reverse is the case, one will not have the confidence to recommend reward for incompetence. But because available facts and not partisan sentiments, affirm that Gov. Obiano has done well, it becomes most natural to retain a winning formula.

Already, there are not less than six persons from Anambra north aspiring to become governor after Willie Obiano. Some of them are ‘failing career politicians’; men who all their lives have always been contesting but never won any election.  Trusting such men to do one term and walk away will amount to self deceit.  I was told of a particular aspirant, positioning himself for the third attempt, who told a group he was wooing for support that he will be governor for only one term.   This is the kind of promise that the best of men cleansed of greed and desperation still fail to keep. Needless thinking of those naturally driven by lust for power.

It is therefore my conviction that since zoning will remain part of issues being discussed before any election, particularly this governorship election, Willie Obiano, as a representative of Anambra north, should be supported by all to complete the second term because:

1.   It will not be fair for the same people that planted the LET’S GO NORTH seed some months back to turn around and cut the tree just as it began to provide shed for the people.

2.   No Nigerian politician deserves to be trusted when he says one term is enough for me.  So in order to avoid creating crisis that may consume all of us in future, the incumbent should complete the second term.

Feel free to disagree with me.



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