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From Uzonna Ononye

The dust is now gradually settling over the purported shut down of one of the most popular blogs in Nigeria. While the controversy lasted, not a few people attacked Google for being “unfair” in bringing down a thriving site over “mere allegations”. A lot others literally tore the certain Aye Dee into shreds for acting out of jealousy and envy for the young lady. Some others simply sighed, “it serves her right. Was she not the one showing off her new cars and the house she built for her father on her blog? It hasn’t even started, more will come.”

Now, the script acted by the persons directly involved, Linda and her friend Aye, (I am not even sure any longer that anyone goes by that name) seems to be clearer. The only setback is that thousands, if not millions of Nigerians, home and abroad played “waka pass” roles without pay. If the publicity stunt theory happens to be reliable, Linda should be working out how to compensate Aye for all the curses, insults and abuses he suffered. That is if…

Without delving into the ongoing analysis of what went right or wrong in the build-up and how the vulnerable people like me were fooled, I will take away a few personal lessons. Just the way I can walk away from a movie telling myself what I will not do again or what I will begin to do better.

These are my personal lessons which I penned before the twist began to emerge. That was when I was still on set as a “waka pass”. 

There is a belief that sometimes, some individuals are confronted by some negative situations owing to their resistance to move on; change. After operating within a scope, recording the successes and conquering the fears, one tends to become familiar with the pot-holes along the path. One builds anti-bodies against situations that will ordinarily threaten growth. We call it experience sometimes. That point when an individual becomes so informed and knowledgeable about the workings of a system that solutions to problems are always handy.  After enjoying this relative comfort and “being at ease in zion,” realistic growth becomes retarded. 

Realistic growth for this purpose is marginal result over quantified resource input and time. Now, at the period of this comfort, un-utilised energy will not cease from seeking expression. If there is no room to accommodate such expression, there usually occur conflicts that will break down the barriers and allow the sleeping energy to find space. Those who will stir the clashes could be friends or foes

Assuming without conceding that there were cases of abuse of due diligence, success story of a hard working young lady would have been marred by suspicion and the response of the corporate world could be unpredictable. The events of the last week simply refreshed my knowledge that using other people’s intellectual property without permission or at least giving credit amounts to stealing.

Perhaps the biggest of my lessons is that I cannot do everything all by myself. A time comes when I must admit that my abilities are now limited. At that point, if I want to remain in competition without loads of litigations, I must step aside and allow someone better equipped for the challenges of the moment lead us on while I concentrate on areas I have comparative advantage.  If a professional at the level of an editor is in-charge of news publications, be it soft-sell or hardcore, abuse of ethics will be highly minimized if not eliminated. 

Finally, I have learnt from Linda to steak to where I have found joy performing. Even when my resilience is tested and my existence threatened, I will stay and bounce back stronger and better.


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