I was a member of a panel interviewing a young beautiful applicant for a banking job. She read Marketing in school with a second class upper degree.

She was brilliant and took all our questions with a mark of intelligence and a room for further training.

In my judgement, she possessed qualities of a good salesperson and I told her that I would recommend her for employment but for a market-facing role. And the unexpected happened.

The young school leaver started sobbing and pleaded that she be posted elsewhere other than Marketing that she didn’t want to trade sex for progression in her career.

I enjoined her to throw more light on what she meant and she was very coherent and point blank.

The girl said that female bankers under the pressure of meeting their deposit targets caved in and did all sorts with their male customers to get them to leave idle funds with them to meet their targets. She begged that she should be posted to operations department instead.

The young girl had just re-echoed the general belief of most outsiders about the effects of deposit targets on female bankers.

Some jealous men and husbands take it to the ridiculous levels. They think that their ladies or wives in banking profession could be exposed to men of money while on the job and that most ladies fall when tempted by a wealthy prospect or customer.

I shall make an attempt to analyse this matter to the best of my ability and experience.


It is a proven fact that a man who has excess money also has excessive drive in many areas of his life including excess sexual libido.

Some psychologists say that financial success happens when a man is capable of converting his excess sex drive to more productive ventures.

Therefore, it is natural for rich men to manifest high sexual tendencies ; so are the men of power.

The female bankers in customer service and marketing functions have to face these rich men on a daily basis either to ask for their support or to meet their banking needs.


There are very rich customers that have lost control of decency and would not only ask their neighbours’ children and wives out but would also attempt to seduce any female banker that solicits for their patronage.

They believe that nothing goes for nothing. “Rub my back I grease your palm” is their favourite phrase. The day the fallen banker stops sleeping with them, they move their money to another bank.


The truth is that no female banker with an eye on the top of her profession would get there without working as a Marketing staff.

The following are some of the time-tested tips on how to deal with rich customers with randy tendencies, get their businesses and still neutralize their sex motives towards you:

  1. Dress as you want to be addressed: Your dressing indicates your moral fibre. Window shopping or exposing the provocative part of the body is an invitation to price or to buy.
  2. How do you blame a man who is bold enough to price the goods you have already exposed leaving little for imagination? You should dress properly and look professional.
  3. Good Knowledge of Banking: A smart customer or even a randy one is capable of ascertaining a banker that can add value to his business.
  4. Rich men respect very intelligent women who understand their businesses and can easily open up to them. I have witnessed several.
  5. Do Not Ask Your Rich Customer For Financial Assistance: No matter your familiarity with a customer, never ask him for a financial assistance or demand for personal favours. If you do, be ready to give something.
  6. Some rich customers are so poor that they only have money. If you carry your financial problems to them, they would read it as an invitation to ask for sex. After all, that is the only thing you can give them. Many female bankers get entangled via this mode.
  7. Counselling To Convert: There are die-hard randy but important customers that would always try to ask for sex. They succeeded in their businesses through persistence and the could adopt same approach in their quest to taste who you have got beneath.
  8. Sit them down and tell them that you like them as individuals but can never sleep with your customers and that, that is an ethical code you must not breach; that it would affect your business relationship with him.
  9. Shower him with gifts and befriend his wife. He will give up after sometime and would begin to see you as a member of his family.
  10. Settle Down On Time: Though some abnormal men still ask married women out, but the pressure is more on the unmarried ones.
  11. A smart female banker gets married within the first few years of her employment. It makes sense.
  12. Many rich customers fear scandalous relationships. Hint them on how jealous and good a boxer your husband is. It’s funny but could be scary.
  13. Marketing in Company of Two: Experienced female bankers have testified that visiting a randy customer with another female colleague helps.
  14. The customer would soon get used to it if your bank has a good value proposition to offer the customer.
  15. Visit Customer with Your Husband: Attending customer’s social functions with your spouse helps dilute the customer’s amorous desire for you.
  16. The mere thought that another man dances makossa with a lady that he desires could be a disincentive to a randy customer. Most men back off from a conquered territory.
  18. Marketing heads of Business Units in banks should take responsibility of educating their female colleagues on ethics and knowledge of the products they sell.
  19. They should be handy to help them navigate through the amorous waters of randy but important customers.
  20. The greatest weapon I give my female marketing colleagues in my bank is effective training on banking products and business structuring.
  21. This ensures that my lady colleagues are equipped, enamored, sound and can demonstrate to their customers that they are better off as their bankers than their bed warmers.
  22. Lack of proper trainings and the inability of the female banker to offer useful value proposition puts her under pressure to perform and if she desperately needs the job, she could fall for the hawks.
    Banking is like every profession laden with its own occupational hazards.
  24. Just like in the university, very brilliant students never have issues with lecturers’ sexual harassment. Female students make first class without any embarrassing situation. Also in banking, there are many women who are so good and can handle randy male customers without issues.
  25. Handsome and intelligent male bankers are also an endangered species. Very rich women feel that they can fall young male bankers through excessive generosity. The very handsome men like me are usually their target. Whether I had fallen once or more is not the issue and I wouldn’t be disclosing it here since my wife and priests are reading this. In fact, I’m yet to fall.
  26. Like in life generally and in everything we do, everyone has a choice to make irrespective of the profession.


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