It is the turn of the South East to produce the next president of Nigeria and bringing any candidate from any other region for 2023 is telling the South East to go to hell.

This is the view shared by popular movie maker and entrepreneur, Charles Novia on his facebook wall.

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Earlier, I had stated days ago that if GEJ decides to run, my loyalty will definitely shift to him as the centrist acceptable candidate in the power shift equation for 2023. Now that it seems he might not be running because of his personal integrity over joining the APC which destroyed his image for years since 2015, the recalibrations for 2023 begin.

I have to state here that if we truly are fair to ourselves as Nigerians, it is the turn of the South East to produce the next President of Nigeria.

If we believe in a nation of Justice, Fair Play, Equity and Equality…no matter how we hate ourselves in the closets and tout unity in the open, the essential optics we have to show and face should be for a South Eastern Presidency.

Let’s not deceive ourselves.

Since 1999, the South West had its eight years through President Obasanjo. The North has had 10 years, if you add the two and a half years of President Yar’Adua and the present Northern incumbent, President Buhari whose tenure will end in 2023. The South South has had five years through President Jonathan.

Effectively, if we add the Vice-presidential years since 1999, the North has had 13 years while the South had had 12 years, shared between the South South and South West (counting up to 2023 when the present Vice President finishes his term). The South East has not had any stint at the Presidency in the past 23 years of democracy.

Using any excuse of insecurity in the South East as a reason not to give the South East a chance is selfish and preposterous. Before 1999, after the annulment of the June 12 elections in 1993, the South West agitated and fought for restitution and got the Presidency zoned to them in 1999.

Before the 2007 Presidential Elections, the South South agitated through inadvisable militancy and was rewarded with the Vice Presidency in 2007 and the Presidency in 2011.

Even if we don’t want to admit to ourselves that the insecurity in the North from 2011 was used as a political gimmick to force the hands of the South in 2015, we have to admit that the Boko Haram issue was politicised to give the North the Presidency in 2015.

So why would anyone use the agitation in the South East as a dismissive reason why the South East should not be given a chance in 2023?

For the records, I have ALWAYS condemned the insurrection and separatism going on in the South East. I stand by my convictions on that. I have no sympathies for such and will not be convinced that the present debacle over there is the best route to getting heard.

Likewise, I condemned the militancy in the South South and the insecurity in the North all through the years. My views as a Nigerian are more Pan-Nigerian than enclave sensibilities.

But we have to be truthful to ourselves.

It is the turn of the South East.

Bringing any candidate from any other region for 2023 is telling the South East to go to hell. And if that becomes the case, the reverberations might likely upset our political direction in 2023.

Leaders of Thought and Great Minds across tribes in Nigeria would agree with my position, if we get to the brass tacks.

For the records again, I don’t have any candidate from the South East whom I will support presently and this call of mine is made from a non-partisan viewpoint.

Ideally, the South East should get the Presidency. After the South East finishes its slot, then we can decide to abandon rotational leadership if we like. By that time, the satisfaction of the ethnicities would have been guaranteed over the rotational issue.

Let’s think of doing the right thing on this


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