african woman

This peice is for women only and men who care about women. It was sent by a HN reader, Chika Chukwunwike, and we think its worth reading.


What a unique creature, what a special being.

Created divinely and differently from other creatures, though soft and gentle in looks but behind the softness of her looks lies a super being that has the ability to do great things.

She has the power to melt the iceberg and break the brick wall.

She is specially wired to have solutions to practically all problems; she thinks beyond the present situation and is naturally visionary.

She gives all in her when she believes in a course and goes to any extent to achieve her target.

She is associated with success, no wonder the saying “Behind every successful man is a WOMAN”

She is a natural motivator and extends her knowledge to all which makes me an ardent believer in the saying “Train a WOMAN and you train a whole Nation”

Though referred to as the “weaker sex”, she is sure stronger in spirit and mind than believed.

The only real obstacle with the woman is the woman.  Because she is molded to please others, she does that sometimes by cheating herself and others made in like manner.

Sometimes she uses her strength negatively and do not believe in herself. She allows the pressures around her to envelop her being and blur her sight to a dangerous degree.

She fails to tap into the special resources only available to the woman.

Rise up WOMAN, embrace the special virtues embedded in you and join me in appreciating yourself and believing that YOU are uniquely unique and specially special.

I know my worth and I believe in my brand. I may not fully trust my abilities but  I AM PROUDLY WOMAN.



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