Coronavirus Hospital

The number of novel coronavirus cases in the world rose to 90,914, including 3,116 deaths, across 76 countries and territories by 0900 GMT Tuesday, according to a report gathered by AFP from official sources.

Since 1700 GMT Monday, 763 new contaminations were identified.

Medical workers wearing protective gear transfer a suspected coronavirus patient (C) to another hospital from Daenam Hospital in  South Korea. (Photo: AFP)

China – excluding the territories of Hong Kong and Macau — where the epidemic emerged at the end of December, had 80,151 cases, of which 2,943 were fatal. There were 125 new infections and 31 deaths there between 1700 GMT Monday and 0900 GMT Tuesday.

Outside of China, a total of 10,763 cases have been recorded around the world since the epidemic began, including 172 deaths.

There have been 638 new cases outside China since Monday at 1700 GMT.

The most affected countries after China are: South Korea (4,812 cases, 28 deaths, 477 new cases), Italy (2,036 cases, 52 deaths, no new cases), Iran (1,501 cases, 66 deaths, no new cases) and Japan (268 cases, 12 deaths, 14 new cases).

Japan has also recorded more than 700 cases aboard the cruise ship Diamond Princess moored off Yokohama.

This assessment was carried out using data collected by AFP offices from the competent national authorities and information from the World Health Organization (WHO).




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