yemisi wada denies tarnishing her ex-husband's image,

Their relationship has hit the rock but she does not want to be seen as playing dirty. Estranged wife of former minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, Yemisi Wada, has denied being behind an online publication which attacked the person of her ex.

She sent this mail below where she asked the online publisher to “do the right thing.”

Find the full text of the mail below


“‘My attention has been drawn to your post today re: the above. For the sake of peace and a limit to the damage that the whole mess it is causing i am sending you an email i have sent to certain blogs carrying the story

I am hoping you will thus do the right thing by not helping these awful people God knows who they are doing what they do best. ruin lives they don’t know for no reason whatsoever.

My attention has been drawn to a story you posted today 13th August 2015 saying I made revelations against Chief Femi Fani- Kayode.

I have consulted my Lawyers and was told to get in touch with you directly as a first step.
I NEVER made any allegations on the person of Chief Femi Fani- Kayode. 
I do not have friends who are cowardly as to make such disgusting assertions and do so anonymously. 
I am not aware of any of the issues raised in the said publication.
I loved Mrs Adia Fani- Kayode greatly and fondly and whoever could be so sick as to write such sick things about her is not and can never be a friend of mine.

I disassociate myself from these allegations about members of my children’s family.
I ask you to please pull said publication down from your portal and make a rebuttal as it is false.
I have made no allegations and not aware of those horrible revelations.
Seeing my name with that write up makes me sick to the stomach and like a rape to my person.
I am on holiday with my family giving God all the Glory for my life and I refuse to be dragged into these issues.
Thank you very much. 
I trust you say you are in pursuit of truth hence I write to tell you that piece you have posted is absolutely false and painful. 

Oluyemisi Wada


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