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If not for anything, this story is important so that Nigerians will know that state governors in the country were entitled to 150 police orderlies each. 

Over the weekend, Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase said in Lagos that the number has been reduced to 62. He expressed concern that too many of officers and men were doing jobs other than their core police duties.

The directive to reduce the number of orderlies attached to governors is in line with President Muhammadu Buhari’s decision to prune the number of policemen attached some “important personalities.”

The IGP denied the allegation that the police withdrew officers attached to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in order to frustrate the anti-corruption efforts of government. He explained that police officers who have spent 5 years and above in EFCC and other agencies, are to be withdrawn and replaced if need be. 

He said that EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Lamorde had requested that some of the officers be retained because they are handling sensitive duties which he agreed with.

The IGP also announced the suspension of the planned recruitment of 10,000 policemen. He said the exercise will wait till next year when the budget will be made for that purpose.

The Police Service Commission last week said a special task force will be deployed to high ways and airports to stop policemen from carrying out illegal guard duties.


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