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All is certainly not well in the Abonnema kingdom as the Amanyanabo, Disreal Gbobo Bob-Manuel has been rejected by his own people. 

In a radio announcement signed by Awoye Kelly Bob-Manuel on behalf of the Owukori Manuel House, the family declared that Chief Disreal Bob-Manuel is no longer qualified to sit on the ‘Manuel’ stool to double as the Amanyanabo of Abonnema. 

The family urged him to arrange to clear himself of the witchcraft allegation made against him by Adokiye Akamaka since May, 2011.

Owukori Manuel House asked the Abonema council of Chiefs to tell the embattled Amanyanabo  to vacate the kingship for the time being, until he purges himself of the filth of witchcraft allegation.

Below is the letter from the family to the Abonnema Council of Chiefs:

Under Kalabari native law and custom, which applies in Abonnema, witchcraft allegation against a chief of the Amanyanabo is treated with every seriousness. 

According to the tradition, the first responsibility for justice lies in the hands of the Abonnema council of chiefs. In the event that they are hindered by whatever circumstance from inquiring into, trying or hearing the allegation, the Kalabari Sekiapu Ekine Society  of Abonnema is duty bound to conduct independent traditional inquiry in the issue. 

The final straw that broke the Carmel’s back could have been avoided if the Amanyanabo had heeded earlier counsels. 
Chief Precious Elekima, (Ekine Alabo) Kalabari-Na Ekine Seki-apu, Abonnema, says the laid down traditional process on issues of this nature have been hindered, ignored, or completely neglected by the man accused of witchcraft. 

In a letter dated 4th of January, he urged the traditional ruler to step aside pending the completion of the customary requirements. 

See the letter below:


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