danjuma goje

The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) on Thursday, April 27, returned money in both local and foreign currencies, including other documents relating to the 2017 budget seized from the Abuja residence of Senator Danjuma Goje of Gombe state.

The Police on Wednesday denied taking away any material relating to the 2017 budget from Senator Goje’s residence.  Statement by the Force PRO claimed that three members of the senator’s family supervised the search which was conducted based on a duly secured warrant.

But reports say the Police returned the documents and money after it learnt that the information given to it by a whistleblower was false.

A source close to Senator Goje said the: “Nigerian police this morning returned everything they took from senator Goje’s house, including cash and documents relating to the 2017 budget. They claim the raid was based on wrong information from a whistleblower,” said the source.

Reacting to the initial raid, the National Assembly on Wednesday said the Police took away critical component of the 2017 budget during the raid. The two chambers of the National Assembly noted that the 2017 budget, could not be passed without the critical component allegedly taken away by the police.



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