This is the shocking moment a shaking mother reenacts how she killed her baby, claiming she ‘had no food left in her fridge’ and the desperate child was ‘always hungry’.

Cradling a doll, Yulia Khabitova, 28, showed Russian police how she killed her son.

During the crime reconstruction she confessed through tears to strangling him with a rope and dug a grave in a manure heap with a spade, burying him in a blanket.

She said she told one-year-old Timur: ‘It will be okay, you will never be hungry again. You will never cry again.’

Policemen were reported to have wept when they found the child’s makeshift burial in Ismailovo village.

The baby’s father Denis Tkachev, 34, had left Khabitova because she ‘had a new admirer’, say reports.

Khabitova initially claimed the child had gone missing before confessing to murder.

‘I strangled him, wrapped him in a blanket and buried under the manure,’ she told police.

‘I did not have enough money even to buy food for him.’




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