One of the world most influential personality, Bill Gate is getting divorced.

Bill and his now estranged wife, Melinda Gates announced divorce after 27 years of living together.

The couple say “we no longer believe we can grow together as a couple.”

They asked for space and privacy as they begin to navigate this new life.

The Gates had been in the news recently over their perceived roles in handling the coronavirus pandemic.

Through the Bill Gates Foundation, the couple have campaigned for global population control.

Court papers have revealed that the couple was separated before taking the divorce decision. It, however, did not show the date of their separation.

According to the documents, Melinda Gates, 56, filed the divorce petition in which she described her marriage to Bill Gates, 64, as ‘irretrievably broken’.

In the divorce petition posted by, which was filed in Superior Court of Washington – King County on Monday, Melinda asked the judge to dissolved the marriage “on the date stated in our separation contract”.

The separation contract was, however, not included in the filing so that date is unclear.

In the absence of the pre-nuptial agreement, the only agreement pertaining to the divorce is the separation contract.

Melinda did not ask for any spousal support but requested a trial date in April 2022. However it is likely the divorce will be settled without a trial.

The petition states that finances pertaining to the couple’s three children are addressed in the separation contract. The document was signed by both Bill and Melinda, as well as their attorneys.


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