Former President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, has been released by the EFCC after meeting a bail condition by the ant graft agency.

Dr. Saraki spent Saturday answering questions by officials of the commission.

Recall that for the better part of his tenure as President of the Senate, he defended the allegations of corruption and theft all the way to the Supreme Court

Details of his bail conditions are sketchy but it is confirmed that the former President of the Senate has been cleared to go home.

EFCC reopened its investigation referencing the Panama papers expose where his name was linked to a number of transactions.

On Saturday, Dr Saraki also answered questions over alleged theft and laundering of public funds using a network of cronies and proxy companies.

The suspected proxies, who executed purported contracts for Kwara State under Mr Saraki, allegedly made returns, for many years, to the former governor, forming an organised network of dirty money flow.


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