A former President of the Senate Bukola Saraki spent Saturday at the EFCC where he was asked to explain the source of his wealth.

Today’s interrogating focus on property in Lagos, Dubai and London.

HOMELAND NEWS learnt that the EFCC reopened its investigation referencing the Panama papers expose where his name was linked to a number of transactions.

Dr Saraki also answered questions over alleged theft and laundering of public funds using a network of cronies and proxy companies.

The suspected proxies, who executed purported contracts for Kwara State under Mr Saraki, allegedly made returns, for many years, to the former governor, forming an organised network of dirty money flow.

The funds involved were huge, running into hundreds of millions in naira and hundreds of thousands in foreign currencies at various times, sources said.

It is unclear if he will be detained or allowed to go home.

Dr. Saraki have been investigated a number of time by various anti-corruption agencies.

He was tried by the Code of Conduct Tribunal even when he was the President of the Senate.

How this latest development will be received by the PDP, a party he left prior to the 2015 election and returned to before the 2019 elections.

He has been one of the pillars of the party since he re-joined the party albeit in the opposition.


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