Nkata Ndi Inyom, an emerging Igbo socio-cultural association for women is committed to finding a common ground for women to bring new dignity to the female gender from the Igbo ethnic nationality in particular and the world in general.

Members of the association share a common future, and so are focused on collective engagement towards building a better future for themselves, a future they will be proud of.

A statement signed by the Secretary of the Anambra State Chapter of Nkata Ndi Inyom, Adaora Okoye, to mark the International Women’s Day, urged women to break free of traditional gender roles, and bravely accept challenges, in order to actualise their dream and stand out from the crowd.

“Nkata Ndi Iyom, NNII, will lead with actions to achieve gender parity, curb abuse of women, and break down stereotypes.

“We at NNII affirm that it is a manifestation of good economic sense to present more opportunities to women.
“Indeed, it is unarguably a fact that it is a matter of right, to present these opportunities.”

Nkata Ndi Inyom which loosely translated means the conversation among women, is inviting the female gender to step forward, and choose to challenge the gender disparity that exists in today’s world.

The statement also recognized and commended the role of the National President, Mrs.Josephine Aninih, in ensuring that this union remains at the foreground of the movement to achieve gender equality; an issue that has remained in the forefront of agenda globally.


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