From Paul Ibe, Enugu

27 irregular immigrants have been arrested by the Nigeria Immigration Service while carrying out a raid around the Udenu and Nsukka area of Enugu state.

Deputy Comptroller of the service, Obetta Asogwa said the operation was for the identification of illegal aliens living in the area.

Those arrested are citizens of Niger Republic.

Mr. Asogwa disclosed that the raid was part of their statutory duties to secure the country. 

“It has become imperative to carry out this raid following the security challenges we find ourselves in the country. 
“One of the cardinal objectives of the current Comptroller General of Immigration is to have a robust internal monitoring and control of foreigners living in our midst,” he said.
Most of the irregular immigrants arrested were housed by prominent people who use them for cheap labour.

The command says it was not deterred to get rid of such people, stressing that, “the strategy put in place by the Comptroller General is designed such that people may not know that we are working. 

The NIS officer, said that the command do not have the funds to repatriate all of them to their country, disclosing that only 16 out of the 27 irregular immigrants would immediately be sent back to their country, while the other would be technically discharged. He stated


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