Recent report has revealed what many Nigerians who seek asylum in foreign land tell authorities.

An investigative report by Premium Times on how Nigerians pave their way to reside in Canada, categorized the reasons to 13.

The report revealed the ‘many lies’ told by asylum seekers and how the authorities have become smarter after many Nigerians have crossed into the country and secured permits to be legal residents by telling one of those stories.

Top on the reasons given in the cases analysed is persecution as a result of sexual orientation. 19.3% of the 300 cases, which is 52 of them claim they were exposed to danger because they are either gay or lesbians.

According to the Premium Times report, 37 persons, which is 13.7% of the cases, said they left Nigeria because of forced Female Genital Mutilation.

Another 32, representing 11.9%, sited political persecution as why they fled Nigeria.

8.1% which is 22 cases, claimed they are victims of Sexual Based Violence.

24 cases hinged their asylum request on state of insecurity in Nigeria. They say they are no longer safe in the country.

At least 19 asylum seekers said their lives were threatened by militias.

Another 13 representing 4.8% claimed they suffered religious persecution, cultural rituals and socio-economic suppression.

Domestic violence was sited by 4.4% which is 12 applicants.

Those seeking asylum to enable them obtain foreign degrees were 11, while 10 applicants gave family reason for wanting protection in Canada.

The report traced Canada-rush syndrome to a 2015 Express Entry Programme initiated by the country to beef up her human resource base.

Canada remains one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world with her 38 million population living on a 10 million square km landmass which is about 11 times the size of Nigeria.

But after years of opening her borders, it appears according to the report by Premium Times, that it may no longer be an easy venture to seek and secure asylum in Canada with similar stories as many of those that went before.

Read the full report here


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