Father of the 12-year-old Sylvester Oromoni, who died after he was allegedly brutalized by senior students of Dowen College, Lagos, has warned the school not to reopen.

Lagos state government recently cleared the suspected students and staff that have been detained by the police.

Mr Oromoni has said the family was not surprised at the release of suspects.

He stressed that the acquittal of the suspects was to pave way for the reopening of the college.

The awaited legal advice by the Directorate of Public Prosecutions, Adetutu Oshinusi, on Tuesday January 4, cleared the suspects.

The document stated that the interim and final autopsy report by the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, and the toxicology report of post-mortem samples of the Central Hospital, Warri, were in agreement that the causes of death were septicaemia, lobar pneumonia with acute pyelonephritis, pyomyositis of the right ankle and acute bacterial pneumonia due to severe sepsis.

The advice also noted that the result of the toxicology was not indicative of any toxic or poisonous substance in Sylvester’s body.

Earlier reports, particularly on the social media, relied on snippets from the family claiming the boy was forced to drink strange substance by the ‘bullies’ which may have led to his death.

Sylvester’s blistered mouth and lips added credence to that claim.

The advice, which noted that no prima facie case of murder, involuntary manslaughter or malicious administering of poison with intent to harm against the students was established, also cleared the school and its five employees of negligent act causing harm.

The boy’s father is not taking the DPP’s position in good fate, he said the family would seek its own legal advice.

“On December 31, the Commissioner of Police said at the instance of the DPP and the Attorney General he had released the house masters so far there was no case; so what came out today was not different from what the Commissioner of Police said.

“They are doing all these things because they want to open the school and they have their own agenda. This is just the beginning of the case; we have not even started.

“I will also advise the school not to open, and if they decide to open, there is no problem, we have not started this matter. We will get our legal advice and know the next action to take,” Oromoni has said.

Legal Practitioner, Femi Falana, who was reported to have been hired by the family to represent them in the matter, said the advice was hasty.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria said, “The report has not laid to rest the allegations surrounding the gruesome murder of Sylvester Oromoni.

“The report is escapist and hasty as the authorities are aware of the fact that the Chief Coroner of Lagos State has ordered that an inquest be conducted into the circumstances surrounding the unnatural death of Sylvester Oromoni.

“The inquest, which commenced before the coroner on December 16, 2021, has been adjourned till January 15, 2022 for further hearing,” Falana said.


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