From Ejike Chinedu, Lagos

Wednesday’s resignation of the Chairman of the PDP Board of Trustees, Tony Anenih, hours after the National Working Committee accepted the notice of resignation from the party’s National Chairman, Adamu Mu’azu, has introduced another season of permutations.

Though the positions have been occupied by the closest officers in acting capacity, attention is now being shifted to the conduct of proper congresses to fill the positions.

One area of interest is Who takes over the chair of the BOT?

The constitution of the party before it was amended allows only former Presidents who were elected on the platform of the party to be elected as the chairman of the BOT. That provision would have meant that only Dr. Goodluck Jonathan would be qualified for that office.

But now, the amendment permits any member of the party who is considered suitable for the office to be so elected.

Meanwhile, Will President Jonathan agree to step into the shoe of leading the Board of Trustees? While that seems right considering that he is currently the highest officer of the party, it may be counterproductive in the long run.

President Jonathan has not proven to be politically rugged for the task of providing the balance at the top echelon of the party’s leadership.

Under his watch, five sitting governors and other ranking members left the party to join the opposition APC. This in no small way contributed in the disaster PDP faced during the general elections.

Under his watch, PDP disintegrated badly leading to lack of unity of purpose. Ethnic and religious sentiments tore the party apart while he watched.

So much have been said about the new role waiting for President Jonathan once he leaves office. Though there is hardly any official confirmation of what the President will be doing next, many Nigerians expect him to be involved in continental if not global diplomacy and mediation.  If this happens, he may not be available for a hands-on responsibility in piecing together the tatters of the PDP.  

As it stands, it seems that a Southern National Chairman and a Northern Chairman of the BOT will be the best to fast-track  PDP’s recovery.

While members of PDP and political observers continue to argue on whether the recent spate of resignations is actually what PDP needs to reposition itself, the need for more commitment on the part of those left in the party cannot be over emphasised. And one sure way of the PDP to find its foot again is to have the right men with the right spirit lead the party.



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