Former governor of Jigawa state, Sule Lamido has written to charge the People’s Democratic Party, PDP to rekindle hope in Nigeria.

In a letter to members of the PDP, Lamido shared his thoughts on issues in Nigeria and how the PDP can be instrumenal in turning things around while expressing his interest to contest as the party’s presidential candidate in 2019.

In his letter dated Oct. 22, Lamido stated that Nigeria’s founding fathers shared the dream of a united, strong and prosperous independent Sovereign Federation. In his letter, he stated that “what our founding fathers believed firmly was that Nigeria would not be a federation of North, West, East or South. Not a federation of Islam, Christianity or Atheism or a federation of Hausa, Yoruba, Fulani, Igbo,Ijaw or any of the more than 300 Nigerian langusges; or federation of customs, or tradition.

While expressing his dissapointment in the fact that at 57 years, Nigeria is yet to demonstrate its ability despite its natural and human capacity, Lamido stated the need to come together in order turn things around. “What was and is and must federate is the human beings in Nigeria. That was what they bequeathed to us, and this we must uphold and defend.

“our human essence must be the object of development where honour, dignity and decency must define our humanity.”

According to him, he believed that what was necessary is ‘”pdp taking over power in 2019 and continuing where we stopped”

He urged the party to explore new talents in order to be the ones to “rekindle in Nigeria a new hope, a nation of united people with a common and assured destiny.

He however stated his interest contesting for the office of the president in 2019. His letter read, We have more than new talents in the PDP to drive the process.It is against this background that I offer myself to vie for the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2019 if my party find me worthy to fly its flag.

“I am by no means claiming to be the only capable material, any PDP member given the trust and support can fly our flag.

By Joseph Odeh


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