Governors of the 17 southern states rose from a meeting on Monday in Lagos with a resolution rejecting any form of selective justice.

The governors resolved that the next president should come from the south to agree with the rotation of the presidency between north and south.

The forum also agreed that if security agencies want to carry out any operation, the chief security officer of the state which is the governor must be duly informed.

The governors agreed on the 1st of September as the takeoff date for the ban on open grazing across the entire states of the region.

On the PIB bill, the forum rejected 3% derivation for the host communities, and support 5% share of oil profit proposed by the House of Representative.

The forum rejected the propose 30% share of profit exploration of oil and gas basins.

On election matters, the southern governors reject the removal of electronic transmission of result in the electoral act, also reject the exclusive jurisdiction of pre-election matters on the federal high Court.

The governors say they are not in support of any form of selective criminal administration of justice.


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